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Business Members

Shin Pond Trail Riders appreciates the local businesses who support our ATV Club. We all benefit when you patronize the businesses who give back to their communities.

A big shout out goes to:

  • Shin Pond Village, Inc.

  • Mt. Chase, Lodge

  • Hardy Construction

  • C & C Sprayfoam

If you are interested in becoming a Shin Pond Trail Riders supporting business member, you can join online or fill out our membership application.

Shin Pond Village

1489 Shin Pond Rd

Mt. Chase, ME 04765

(207) 528-2900

Text on logo: Mt Chase Lodge

1517 Shin Pond Rd

Patten, ME 04765

(207) 528-2183

Text: Hardy Construction, Inc.

19 Sparks Ave 

Brewer, ME 04412

(207) 307-7158

Text: C & C Sprayfoam 314-1023

PO Box 261
Clinton, ME 04927
(207) 314-1023

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